About Us

Island Counseling Center was established in 2007 on Nantucket Island to provide mental health services to the residents of Nantucket. Given the practice’s success under Dr. Och and the growing demand for a range of mental health services in the Worcester area, a new office was opened on Grove Street toward the end of 2009.


Partnering with longtime colleague and friend, Patricia Senior, the two specialists strove to provide superior mental health services in a more relaxing environment. We realize that seeking treatment can be a daunting task and frustrating time for many. Thus, ICC seeks to diminish any discomfort felt by incoming patients by providing services in a serene, professional atmosphere. With our educational programming through Accent Health in the waiting areas and use of Phreesia to expedite check-in times, we are able to create a unique, edifying and enjoyable experience for clients.


The practice provides a full range of mental health services and also works closely with various in-patient facilities in order to cater to client needs. ICC is also the sole provider of TMS services, a new FDA approved treatment for depression, in the Worcester area – for more information on this service please visit our TMS Therapy tab. Unlike most out-patient facilities, our doctors always accept new patients and understand that prompt service is of high value in this industry.


If you are seeking mental health assistance or are unsatisfied with your current doctor, please feel free to call and schedule an appointment at (508) 753 - 3220